General Terms and Conditions – automotive experience gmbh (hereinafter referred to as GTC)

Company automotive experience gmbh, Mühlgasse 1, A-2353 Guntramsdorf

These GTCs are subject to any additional rental terms and conditions of the lessor.

automotive experience operates as an online platform for the purpose of renting and leasing vehicles. Registered users can rent out their own vehicles as well as hire vehicles. In addition, trips and events are both arranged and carried out via the platform (the travel agency service is carried out by certified partners).

The GTCs listed here apply to all contracts used, between users of the brokerage platform and generally to all actions similar to legal transactions and legal transactions.

All users are responsible and obliged to pay any taxes (income tax, sales tax, …) in accordance with the law.

Commercial vehicle owners with vehicles older than 15 years must independently take out rental liability insurance and rental hull insurance for all vehicles for rentals.

Private customers with vehicles for self-drive rentals built between 1960 and 15 years old are subject to mandatory third-party liability and comprehensive rental insurance through our platform via our fleet insurance partners Allianz and OCC.

Private customers with vehicles older than year of construction 1960 are rented via our platform subject to a fee, but are not insured. The owner must drive the vehicle himself and there must be third party insurance. Trial licence plates are not permitted for rentals.

automotive experience prepares a rental contract (standardised) for private renters, commercial renters work with their own contracts.

Registration on the platform is required for renting and leasing vehicles, not for visiting and “viewing” the offer.

By registering and sending the registration form, the lessor makes a binding offer by concluding the usage agreements with automotive experience. He receives a confirmation, thus the agreement is secured and the platform can be used.

By activating his profile, the user agrees to respond to enquiries from potential tenants within a reasonable time (48 hours).

User data needed for insurance registration will be passed on to our insurance partner Allianz and OCC only for this purpose without further use of the data.

The user data of both landlords and tenants can be removed and completely deleted at any time by sending an email to

automotive experience reserves the right to refuse users of the platform.

Data entered by both landlords and tenants must be truthful and complete. It must be ensured that the vehicles entered are also available and, if they are entered in the calendar system, also at the times entered.

It is inadmissible and punishable to read data of other users from the platform and to store, forward, edit or change it.

No criminally relevant content may be used that is insulting, defamatory or otherwise defamatory and/or has racist or xenophobic tendencies; glorifies violence, is harmful to minors or is pornographic in content, violates the right to protection of privacy and intimate sphere and/or otherwise violates the general right of personality and/or would threaten others in any way or otherwise put them under pressure or would put them under pressure if they were carried out; violates the right of third parties to their own image, to trademark rights and to other industrial property rights as well as positions of third parties protected by copyright and/or ancillary copyright. Bullying, defamation and personality violations are prohibited.

Users may not send or forward advertising or external messages to other users.

The renter and driver possess the financial means necessary for the payment of the rental fee and rent the vehicle specified in the rental contract with the necessary vehicle documents, first-aid kit and accessories for operation on their own account and at their own risk. The renter is obliged to inform himself/herself about the handling and running of the vehicle, to carry out oil and water checks every 500 km at the latest in the case of oldtimers and youngtimers, to top up with water or oil if necessary, not to over-rev the engine, not to drive with the handbrake on, etc. and not to exceed the maximum permitted speeds. Furthermore, the renter is obliged to bear the full cost of any damage caused by improper handling of the vehicle. The renter declares to be sufficiently informed about the use of the rented vehicle and to have the necessary driving skills. The responsibility for any violation of a legal prohibition shall be borne by the Hirer.

The renter and driver are prohibited from allowing a third person to drive the vehicle without the consent of the lessor, from participating in motor sport events, from using the vehicle for the commercial transport of passengers, and from operating the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

Classic classic car rallies without maximum speed are permitted and insured with the consent of the lessor.

Motorway journeys are permitted with the approval of the lessor, but no motorway vignettes are obligatory for the lessor.

automotive eperience may also advertise pictorial material and offers on external platforms.

automotive experience cannot assume any liability or guarantee for the correctness and completeness of the offers, images and content of users.

automotive experience may at any time temporarily or permanently remove vehicles or users from the offer without giving reasons.

The renter must have been in possession of a valid driving licence for at least three years, which entitles him/her to drive the rented vehicle in Austria. A further requirement is that there is no driving ban or that the driving licence has been temporarily/permanently withdrawn.

He must have reached the age of 21 and at most the age of 75. Within this framework, the lessor may individually determine a minimum age and a higher driving licence duration for his vehicle.

Furthermore, the insurance covers the drivers named in advance by the Hirer who fulfil the aforementioned requirements applicable to the Hirer.

The placement of vehicles on the web platform is not associated with any costs for the lessor.

Payment of the rental fee less 15 % commission and the rental insurance fee for private vehicles of 15 % shall be made to the Lessor’s account no later than 10 working days after the rental.

Cancellation conditions, will be charged:

up to 60 days before rental 20 % of the rental price

from 60 days to 30 days before rental 50 % of the rental price

from 30 days to 2 days before rental 75% of the rental price

from 1 day before rental 100

For all cancellations the same commission conditions apply as for rentals, NO insurance fees will be charged.                                                                                          

The deductible for all damages with the automotive experience comprehensive insurance from Allianz is € 1.000,00, for commercial vehicles with own insurance there may be other conditions.

Commercial rental companies are obliged to take out their own comprehensive rental insurance and to inform the hirer of the conditions and deductibles. Allianz and OCC rental insurance is only available for private customers on our platform.

After booking, credit card details are entered via Stripe (one of the largest payment processors in the world, e.g. Google) and the vehicle rental is paid.

The deposit is payable in the amount of the excess in cash, or in the case of certain commercial rental companies with a credit card terminal, on collection of the vehicle.

Unless otherwise stated, 150 free kilometres per day are included in the rental fee, the extra kilometre comes to € 1,20 (incl. VAT and all costs).

Additional kilometres, or exceeding the rental time (from 1 hour, a ½ day extra will be charged) will be deducted from the deposit on return and entered in the rental contract. The commission will be settled via Stripe at the next rental.

The tenant must pay the full rental price in advance via Stripe using a wide range of payment options. If the rental price is not paid, the rental contract is cancelled.

Both landlords and tenants must treat data that has become known in the course of the rental process confidentially.

Acceptance of the terms of use includes a prohibition of circumvention. If both tenant and landlord become aware of each other on automotive experience and have found the contact via the web platform, cancel the contract and carry out the rental directly, or even conclude future rentals, it is a circumvention. This is prohibited in the terms of use and will be legally pursued.

The correctness and completeness of the offers and contents are not guaranteed by automotive experience. Illegal content will be removed.

Videos, photos, texts and contents of all posted offers of the users and the rights are solely their responsibility. This also applies to contributions and experience reports.

In general, the user agreement may be terminated by either party at any time, except in the case of an existing rental agreement.

In the case of oldtimers and youngtimers (unless it is agreed for a specific model), the rental will be postponed or cancelled free of charge in winter conditions.

If a vehicle is not available, e.g. due to technical defects, an accident or theft, the rental can be postponed or the renter withdraws from the rental contract. The directly passed on costs of the reversal of the payment go to the lessor.

Renter and driver are not entitled to set off any claims against claims of the lessor.

In the event of a traffic accident, attention is drawn in particular to the conduct required under § 4 of the Road Traffic Act 1960; in particular, in the event of any accident, the name and address of all persons and witnesses involved, as well as the registration numbers of vehicles involved, are to be recorded, and in general everything is to be done to contribute to clarifying the facts of the case and to reducing the damage, not to admit guilt and to prevent consequential damage as far as possible. The risk of insufficient or incomplete coverage of the liability insurance due to possible breaches of obligations by the renter or driver shall be borne equally by the renter and driver.

Warranties shall be provided in accordance with the statutory provisions for the services.

Liabilities and warranties in connection with rental contracts shall be settled exclusively between the renter and the lessor.

automotive experience does not guarantee the solvency of users of the platform.

The conclusion of a contract automatically includes a commission contract with automotive experience.

The rental agreement and the terms of use shall be governed by the law of the Republic of Austria and the official language shall be German; the place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes arising shall be Wiener Neustadt.

The terms of use shall result from the GTCs of automotive experience and the data transferred via registration.

If individual provisions of the terms of use could be ineffective, this shall not render the remaining provisions ineffective. Only this individual provision may be omitted.

General terms and conditions automotive experience gmbh

Company headquarters and data: A-2353 Guntramsdorf / Place of jurisdiction: Wiener Neustadt Company register: FN 584628 y /

UID number: ATU78308127

Phone: +43 2236 38 96 43 / Mobile: +43 664 314 08 60                                                  


Bank details:                                                                                             

Raiffeisen Regionalbank Mödling: IBAN AT27 3225 0000 0043 0967                

Bank Austria: IBAN AT50 1200 0100 3702 1408

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